Stormglass – Attack of the Killerbees

A wraparound cover I’ve made for the german edition of the “The Stormglass Protocol”. The illustration shows a swarm of artificial and very aggressive honey bees.

The greatest amount of work went into the 3d model of the bee. In its case I tried to be as accurate as possible (in a naturalistic way), while staying very close to the descriptions in the book.

Here is a quick realtime animation of the bee model (the movement of the wings isn’t supposed to be realistic, its intention is to add a bit motion blur to the tips):

The final typography was done by the publisher and I think it fits very well. This is how the printed book looks like:

Formula 1 Car and Components

A Formula One car and some components I’ve made for a “Die Zeit”-infographic. The illustrations show the 2015 version of the car and the parts that were changed or improved for this season. The four parts are: Hybrid engine, air intake, front wing and the multifunctional steering wheel.

I needed around 9 days to make the models.

And some wireframes. The driver is missing because the mesh was very ugly. 😉

Cruise Liner

A quite complex 3D model of the Norwegian Getaway I have build for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. I also had to cut several parts open to show the bridge, luxury cabins, normal cabins, crew cabins, restaurants, medical center, waste disposal and laundry. The rooms are not very accurate since there are very few technical informations about the ship. But their position in the ship is correct.

I needed 12 days to make the model.